Our Rates

Normal Rate – Tariff 1

First 785 yards: £3.00
Each additional 130 yards or part: 0.10p

Higher Rate – Tariff 2

The higher rate applies on Boxing Day and 2nd January. It also applies between 10pm and 7am on any day, all day Sunday and when 5 or more passengers are being carried at any time of the day or night, for example by a black cab, people carrier, or minibus, except where Tariff 3 applies.

First 560 yards or part: £3.50
Each additional 92 yards or part: 0.10p

Special Rate – Tariff 3

The special rate applies on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

First 444 yards or part: £4.10
Each additional 74 yards or part: 0.10p


Any bridge tolls/ferry charges levied during the journey (an equal amount).

Supplementary Booking Fee

A supplementary booking fee of up to £6.50 (maximum) is charged to compensate for the cost of an outward journey for hires which commence 3 miles or more from the taxi or taxi base, whichever is closer. This fee is only applicable when the customer is informed of the charge at time of booking.

Cancellation or No-Show Fee

When a taxi or a private hire car fitted with a meter is called out but not used, a charge will be made to cover the time the vehicle left the stance or garage.

Soiling Charge

A maximum charge of £60 is payable where a vehicle requires to be removed from service for cleaning as a result of passenger soiling.

Council Tariff

The fare demanded for the hire of a taxi (or a private hire car fitted with a meter) for a journey within the council area must be no more than an amount according to the Council Tariff, which applies when the journey begins and should include any extra charges incurred.